Women’s Fitness Cork knows that it can be overwhelming when you want to shape up your figure, which is why they are committed to guarantee fitness and weight-loss results minus the horror and anxiety.

Women’s Fitness Cork is the largest all-female fitness centre in Cork and is situated just off Kinsale Road Roundabout. Their sole focus is to assist their members to reach their health and fitness goals, no matter what their start-out weight or level of fitness may be. Women’s Fitness Cork guarantees that, as long as it is realistic, all goals are reachable with one of their fitness programs designed especially for women.

Womens Fitness Cork

Women’s Fitness Cork states that there is a vast social status attached to their fitness centre, as most females meet up with their friends in order to work out in groups and new friendships are formed every day. Because they understand that there is difference between male and female fitness regimes, the equipment of Women’s Fitness Cork are also designed to fit the requirements of women.

Even if you find a cheap deal at some average gym, you may find that it crammed with male bodies who only stand around and or dominate the fitness equipment. You will not find this behaviour at Women’s Fitness Cork.

Women’s Fitness Cork offer classes that are available to all women with no sign-up fees involved. These classes are designed on the basis of pay-as-you-go. There is no need to for women to feel committed to one class only; with this scheme it is possible to enjoy a variety of classes. Classes offered by Women’s Fitness Cork on this scheme include boxercise, spinning, Pilates, Zumba and kettlebells.

Women’s Fitness Cork offers their members separate studio classes, which enables those females on a fitness workout in the gym to proceed undisturbed. In addition to the classes, Women’s Fitness Cork also offers a copiously equipped gym facility with apparatus including bikes, weights, stepping machines, Vibroplates and treadmills. Extremely skilled female personal trainers are readily available to assist any member with a specific piece of fitness equipment.

For the women seeking for some added encouragement, Women’s Fitness Cork has six weight-loss plans available that are fully supervised. All the plans includes a first consultation followed by taking the measurements of a client, a truthful weight reading as well as a Body Mass Index reading. They also offer their members a complete health measurement.

Start your weight loss regime | Women’s Fitness Cork

fitnessLocated on the Kinsale Road Roundabout, Women’s Fitness Cork is the largest all-women gym in Cork. They present exciting fitness classes such as spinning, vibroplates and Pilates as well as an indoor boot camp with a broad class listing. With weight loss programs and tailored gym membership starting from €1 a day, they cater for every woman.

At Women’s Fitness Cork they present a variety of unique developed fitness classes such as spinning, kettle bells, Zumba and Mother-and-Baby training classes. Classes commence at 09:30 Monday to Friday, and are presented at regular intervals until 21:15.

Women’s Fitness Cork is sure to be presenting a fitness plan tailored to fit your personal needs, your pocket as well as your spare time available to invest in a fitness regime. Their bestselling program to date is the incredible six week Kick Start program which warrants you ultimate weight loss. However, Women’s Fitness Cork can provide you with any program best suited for you to assist in your weight loss achievements.

All fitness and weight loss programs at Women’s Fitness Cork commences firstly with a consultation with one of their personal advisors where your body measurements as well as BMI (body mass index) will be noted. They will discuss your personal weight loss and/or fitness goals with you at length. Thereafter, you will be placed into the capable hands of one of their qualified trainers for the full extent of your program. You will experience a variety of individual training combined with some group classes. At Women’s Fitness Cork you will also receive advice with regards to your newly established exercise regime and applicable nutrition to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

You can start your personal fitness and weight loss journey at Women’s Fitness Cork today by reserving your complimentary independent 20 minute fitness appraisal. During this appraisal you will be provided with an exact indication of your current weight and body fat percentages. A trained advisor will discuss your personal goals intensively and inform you on how Women’s Fitness Cork can assist you in achieving these goals.

Join Women’s Fitness Cork today where you can start you fitness regime every day before you go to work. With top class changing facilities fitted with showers, suitable mirrors and extensive lighting, hairdryers and GHD hair straighteners, you can go about your normal grooming process.

Join Women’s Fitness Cork today. You are guaranteed to achieve great weight loss results.